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The “Small Group Ministry” concept is actually a cell church supported by the book of Acts.  “They went from house to house breaking bread and in fellowship: (Acts 2:42-46).  The cell is a simple yet well structured “weekly” meeting of a small group for edification and evangelism.  In the small group the heartbeat of God that is shared from our Pastor's message from the pulpit is extended to the group by those leading the small group.


Our small group ministry is one of the cords that connect our growth process.  The leaders of this ministry receive extensive training and hearthbeat connection before they are allowed to lead a small group.  Small group ministry and it's teachings are critical and must be in accordance with the directions given by our Pastor.  These directions are considered the lifeline of the disciple that connects them to our congregation.


Small group ministry meetings are structured between Monday and Friday respecting other areas of our local church structure. 


This area of ministry endeavors to be a light and extension to the GRTM vision of Reaching the Lost, Empowering Disciples, Adding Souls, Changing Lives and Helping the Hurting.



Service Times

*Celebration Service - Sunday

     -10:00 a.m.


*Pastor's Classroom - Midweek

     -7:15 p.m.

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