About Our Bishop


Bishop Joseph Ricard, Sr. is a man of integrity whose beliefs and standards are not on the auction block of fame, money, or public opinion.  Standing for what is right and doing the right thing even at the cost of popularity, pleasure, or praise, Bishop Ricard; live or die, sink or swim, is going on in Jesus' name standing for Godliness and Holiness.  Though it has not always been easy and has definitely not been popular, he has maintained his integrity.


Bishop Ricard's spiritual senses are acutely attuned to that which is around him.  He uses his spiritual sense of smell to spiritually smell out the schemes of evel tactics of the devil before they are used against the congregation under his care.  Like a deer that can smell danger in the wind and warns the herd, Bishop Ricard uses his sense of smell  to warn the congregation of approaching danger. 


With a heart for people, he reaches out with the tender touch of love and relieves the spiritual and physical pains of the congregation and others who visit Greater Refuge Temple Ministries.  He stretches out his hand to bind up the broken-hearted and to lift others toward Christ.


As Job's sens of hearing was attuned to the voice of God, Bishop Ricard hears what the spirit is saying to the church and leads the Church in the direction that God desires.  He also hears the cries of both hurting saints and dying sinners and ministers to both. 


Bishop Ricard has a vision to watch for the souls of the congregation.  As a shepherd that cares for his flock and souls, he strives by surrendering to God's will to be a true watchman on the wall looking out for the best interest of the saints of God.  He also watches for opportunities to lead lost souls to Christ.  His sense are attuned to the Natural and Spiritual world around him.


In addition to being an anointed man of God, Bishop Ricard has helped many break addictions to drugs, alcohol, and other besetting sins.  Through the anointing of God, he has destroyed yokes that have bound the siants and destroyed bondages of sin that have chained sinners. 

Service Times


*Celebration Service - Sunday

     -10:00 a.m.


*Pastor's Classroom - Midweek

     -7:15 p.m.


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