The Children’s Church Ministry is designed to be a “KIDZONE” for children. The purpose of this ministry is to train and develop children in church discipline all while allowing them to be CHILDREN.
This ministry teaches children to worship, praise, and the foundational principles from the Word of God. Singing, praising, and worshipping will happen in the ministry.
The vision of KIDZONE is to Connect Every Child to Christ, while the mission is to see that “No Child is Left Behind.”


GRTM Youth Ministry is designed to educate our youth for ministry, bring them to a place of spiritual maturity, teach them the importance of industry, and assist them in their adaptation to changing times.


We aim to help navigate them through the joys and heartaches of life so often faced by today's young person. However, our main goal is to messengers who will share the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


The Vision for this ministry is to TOUCH. 

T - Take a stand for God

O - Open minds to receive

U - Utilize available resources 

C - Change our generation, and

H- Have helping hands. 


This ministry endeavors to help our youth in applying for scholarships to further their education, enroll in secondary education systems, as well as encourage them to be filled with the Holy Ghost and get involved in ministry.


The purpose of The Impact Group is to be Christ Centered! Its function is to carry out the Vision that is in accordance with GRTM, such as:

  • Help Economically
  • Help Socially
  • Positive Values
  • Encourage
  • Teach Real Life Issues
  • Give Information
  • Make a Difference
  • Deal with Challenges, Present & Future

By doing these things the Impact Group will focus on the 5 F's:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Finances

The Impact Group will keep the integrity of the ministry and not defame the characteristics of Christ by staying loyal to the 5 Rs:

  • Righteous
  • Relevant
  • Real
  • Revolutionary
  • Relational


W. O. P. P. is a prayer communication ministry that is linked to the Men of Mission.  They are women with a heart to mourn, travail, and prevail before God constantly. 


The W.O.P.P. are in position to pray, cry out and intercede at a moment's notice for every need or issue that arises. 


Simply put...Women of Prayer and Purpose are those ready to respond in prayer that life may come forth as it did for Hannah in (I Samuel 1).


The Men of Mission are group of men prepared to go to spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus. These men of war are men who have become life-givers to their friends, families, and co-workers alike. 


The Men of Mission aim to develop men with a servant mentality that will honor Christ both in their homes and in the surrounding communities they serve.  These are men who do not hesitate to volunteer their skills and services and who enjoy providing help for those in need. 

Service Times


*Celebration Service - Sunday

     -10:00 a.m.


*Pastor's Classroom - Midweek

     -7:15 p.m.


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