Bishop's Classroom

Bishop's Classroom serves as the training ground where Bishop Ricard takes time to train and develop men and women for ministry on every level.  In addition to the teaching of the word of God, Bishop Ricard teaches business management and other day-to-day related classes that focus on both the natural and spiritual minds of the men and women who attend. 

Bishop's Circle of Champions

Bishop's Circle of Champions is a vehicle that Bishop Ricard uses to motivate and inspire C.H.A.M.P.'s.  He uses this acronym "C. H. A. M. P." (Courageous, Hearted, Ambitious, Minded, People) as the main focal point of this area of service.  His mission is to bring clarity to a generation through a value system that leads to greatness and prosperity. 


Contact us via email at or by phone at 985-687-7970 or 985-747-2270.


The Circle of Champions Hangout

You are welcome to Hangout with the Bishop and First Lady every third Friday at 6 p.m.  Men and women ages 18 and above are welcome. 


G-Men are defined as men who understand that they are REAL MEN, living in a REAL WORLD, dealing with REAL ISSUES.  They are G-MEN (Godly ~ Giving ~ Great~ Gentlemen).  This area is specifically designed to minister to the TOTAL MAN.

Bishop's Immediate Recommended Resources



The book by Mike Staver entitled "Leadership isn't for Cowards, Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud, and How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell.  These are must read resources for the ambitious leader.

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